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Penguins at Whipsnade Zoo 

From the way they waddle, to their tuxedo like feathers, no one can resist the loveable charms of a penguin. Here at the Zoo, we’re lucky enough to feature two penguin colonies which you can visit, rockhopper and African penguins. 

You can find these two groups of penguins living in an amazing natural environment, featuring custom penguins pools, stunning Dunstable views and even rock formations for our (you guessed it) rockhoppers.

Everyday visitors can learn about these endearing flightless birds through our daily talks - our presenters will share some amazing facts about these birds as they hop and dive to catch their fish.

    Ricky the rockhopper penguin at Whipsnade Zoo
    Eudyptes moseleyi

    Rockhopper penguin

    These small penguins pack in a big personality, and Ricky the rockhopper penguin is one of our most famous animals.

    African penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
    Spheniscus demersus

    African penguin

    These penguins are from warm climates, coming from the beaches of South Africa and Namibia.

    African penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
    Elise and our penguins bring the Zoo to you!

    Elise and our penguins bring the Zoo to you!

    Say hello to our penguin colony as they bring the Zoo to you.