Experience wildlife from across the globe

Connect with nature's most spectacular animals and learn about their unique habitats. From what it takes to provide expert care for a herd of elephants, to exploring one of the largest butterfly biomes in the UK.

    African lion Khari
    Lions at the Zoo

    African lions

    Meet Khari. He's adventurous, confident and extremely handsome, and has joined us from Blackpool Zoo while their Big Cat House is being renovated. 

    Spotted hillstream loach grazing on a rock
    Ten of the planet’s most extreme aquatic habitats

    The Aquarium

    Our Aquarium is a round-the-world journey through ten of the planet’s most extreme aquatic habitats, and a base for our leading conservation work protecting life everywhere.

    Orange butterfly perched at Whipsnade Zoo butterfly house
    Our butterfly oasis

    Butterfly House

    One of the largest butterfly biomes in the UK, we have over 30 different species from around the world and large aquarium with two crocodiles.

    Elizabeth the elephant in her outdoor pool at Whipsnade Zoo
    Custom-designed elephant care

    Centre for Elephant Care

    Demonstrating our elephant-expertise, the £2m Centre for Elephant Care is home to our herd of Asian elephants and provides the perfect complement to their seven grass paddocks.

    Giraffes at Whipsnade Zoo, in front of giraffe viewing platform.
    Our giraffes

    Giraffe heights

    Come face-to-face with the tallest mammal in the world at the giraffe platform, and see life from a giraffes eye view.

    Goat at Hullabazoo farm Whipsnade Zoo
    Make new farmyard friends

    Hullabazoo Farm

    Our farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones are able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends, including miniature donkeys, pygmy goats, pigs, sheep and guinea pigs.

    Ring tailed lemur baby at Whipsnade Zoo
    A lemur walk-through

    In with the Lemurs

    Walk across their island and sunbath with our lemur troop.

    Pere David’s deer adult and fawn at Whipsnade Zoo
    Some of Asia's biggest mammals

    Passage through Asia

    Journey through the fields with some of Asia's biggest mammals, including the extinct in the wild Père David's deer and only true wild horse, the Przewalski's horse.

    A group of African black-footed penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
    Our penguin colonies


    From the way they waddle, to their tuxedo like feathers, no one can resist the loveable charms of a penguin. We're home to two penguin colonies, rockhopper and African penguins.

    Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo
    Base for rhino conservation

    Rhinos of Nepal

    Whipsnade Zoo's Rhinos of Nepal exhibit provides a fantastic home for our greater one-horned rhinos.

    Baby Francois langur pokes head out from under Mum's arm where he is partially hidden.
    Monkey Firest - opening in Spring 2024

    Monkey Forest - opening spring 2024

    Immerse yourself into the woodland home of our swinging langurs, chattering macaques, miniature water buffalo and snuffling babirusa!