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Drive through zoo

Journey through the fields with some of Asia's biggest mammals, including the extinct in the wild Père David's deer and only true wild horse, the Przewalski's horse. Without wildlife conservation, each of these species would have been lost forever, but today you can see their herds grazing naturally at the Zoo.

The natural lake is favourite spot for our deer to wade, and you will find our sika deer, which is a favourite prey of the Amur Tiger in the wild! Our 500kg domestic Bactrian camels are impossible to miss, growing a thick shaggy coat at winter to thrive in our cold weather just as they do in the wild. These fields are also a favourite habitat for native bird species, as flocks of lapwing regularly feed alongside our deer. 

Visitors can either drive-through this habitat when entering by car or just take the Great Whipsnade Railway!

    Pere David’s deer adult and fawn at Whipsnade Zoo
    Elaphurus davidianus

    Père David's deer

    Extinct in the wild, our Père David deer are a part of breeding programme which is working towards restoring their wild population.

    Przewalski's horse walking through field with woodland backfrop at Whipsnade Zoo
    Equus ferus

    Przewalski's horse

    The Przewalski's horse is the world's only truly wild horse. Once extinct in the wild, together with our partners we helped restore Przewalski’s horses back to the wild in Mongolia.