Inspiring the conservationists of tomorrow 

We're connecting students with the natural world and inspiring the next generation of conservationists. Our unique centre for learning, provides the opportunity for students to meet animals from across the globe for the first time, and understand the importance of protecting animals in the wild.

From hearing a lion roar to seeing a hippo take a plunge, each visit gives a new unforgettable memory that builds a connection with wildlife. 

    School visit at Whipsnade Zoo
    Learning at the Zoo

    Planning Education Visits

    Helping teach students about the natural world and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

    A Whipsnade Zoo presenter with a group of teenage school children
    Bringing learning to life

    Education Workshops

    Get your students closer to nature with our learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Our interactive sessions provide an opportunity to bring learning to life by meeting animals and Zookeepers. 

    White rhinos at the Zoo beside Whipsnade Zoo's look out lodge
    Wildlife teaching resources

    Online Resources

    From equipping students with the knowledge to carrying out their own animal behavioural study to animal treasure hunts, our resources will help capture the imagination of your students both in the classroom and at the Zoo. 

    Animal skull on table for education learning session at Whipsnade Zoo
    Online education sessions

    Digital Outreach

    We're bringing the Zoo to you, with digital learning sessions which support your classroom learning. Calling live from the Zoo, each session is designed to meet specific curriculum links that directly relate to our conservation work.

Supporting teachers

Primary school education workshop at Whipsnade Zoo
Empowering teachers in their classrooms and beyond

Teacher Hub

We support local teacher training providers with day long workshops on teaching outside of the classroom, and are beginning to develop training for more experienced staff too.