Home to many endangered species, Whipsnade Zoo is a centre of conservation excellence, deepening our understanding of animals and supporting new and innovative ways to restore wildlife.

We bring people closer to nature and use our expertise to protect wildlife today, while inspiring a lifelong love of animals in the conservationists of tomorrow.

As part of ZSL, the science-driven, wildlife conservation charity, we rely on donations, members and visitors to help us care for the animals at Whipsnade Zoo and protect wildlife in the UK and overseas.

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Ring tailed lemur climbing at Whipsnade Zoo

How to donate to Whipsnade Zoo

Join our fight for wildlife 

Join our fight to save unique and threatened wildlife with a monthly donation

We’ll show you the impact of your donations, with monthly videos and stories from our Zookeepers, Conservationists and Scientists showing how you’re helping us to protect the wildlife that is most at risk of extinction.

Monthly email updates will take you behind-the-scenes at our Zoos and field projects, with a different species featured each month, like this donor video about the Extinct-in-the-Wild freshwater fish we’re protecting for future generations at Whipsnade Zoo:

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Donate online

Help us care for our animals at Whipsnade Zoo and recover wildlife around the world with an online donation.

Your donation could feed our herd of elephants at Whipsnade Zoo or provide tools for our conservation teams protecting wild elephants in Nepal and Kenya. You could pay for equipment for our Whipsnade Zoo Vets or support our Scientists researching cures for wildlife diseases.

Every donation counts and has an impact.

Donate today

Add a donation to your Zoo ticket

When you buy a ticket to visit Whipsnade Zoo, you have the option to add a 10% donation to your ticket at checkout. 

These donations support our conservation work and mean that we can claim Gift Aid from the government – that’s an additional 25p for every £1 you spend with us, at no extra cost to you. 


Donate during your visit to Whipsnade Zoo

You can support our animals during a visit to Whipsnade Zoo by donating on site. We have tap-to-donate points at the giraffe’s indoor viewing platform, our Elephant Care Centre and the butterfly house.

You can also find cash donation boxes at our retail and catering till points, and coin spinner donation points by the Visitor Centre, Hullabazoo and Base Camp.


How your donations help at Whipsnade Zoo

Donations to ZSL help us to work at speed and scale to protect critical species and restore healthy ecosystems around the world, while helping us to care for our animals at Whipsnade Zoo, home to many threatened species.

  • A £5 donation could feed a Whipsnade Zoo penguin for a week.
  • A £40 donation could provide a feast for our pack of African hunting dogs.
  • A £100 donation could provide specialist equipment for our Whipsnade Zoo Vets. 
Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for supporting Whipsnade Zoo. 

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