Opening times

Every day 29 March - 29 September 2024, weekends only from 5 October 2024 and daily from 26 October to 3 of November 2024. The railway will then be closed until February 2025. 

Type of place
Base Camp

The Great Whipsnade Railway

The Superior steam train with passengers on board at Whipsnade Zoo

Take a ride on one of our two impressive steam engines, Excelsior and Superior, as they weave their way through the territories of some of the world's most inspiring animals. Enjoy the magic of a steam-hauled railway - very few zoos have them so it's a great treat to make your day at Whipsnade even more special. 

Elephants, rhinos, camels and deer are just some of the mammals you can expect to see on your journey on The Great Whipsnade Railway. We will take you on a safari adventure you will never forget.

When is the train running?

Open every day from 29th March - 29th September 2024, weekends only from 5th October 2024 and daily from 26th October to 3rd of November 2024. the railway will then be closed until February 2025. 

Please note: If for any reason our steam trains are unavailable we will run our service with our diesel locomotive.

How much does it cost to ride on the steam train?

When the train reopens in February half term, the Station Store will open at 11:45am each day where tokens can be purchased. Please find fares below: 

Adult (Inc. Seniors.)£4.50
Essential Carer / teacherFREE
Child (Under 3)FREE
Child (Aged 3-15)£2.00
Child School Group£0.50
Adult School Group£4.50
Adult (Inc. Seniors) Gold Member / Fellow£4.00
Child Gold Member£1.50


Footplate Experience

Ever wanted to find out what it really takes to be one of our steam engine drivers? With our unique Footplate Experience you can get an insight into what goes on, on the footplate while steaming past some of your favourite animals. 

  • Asian elephants with an elephant calf
    Elephas maximus

    Asian elephants

    Asian elephants are more closely related to the extinct woolly mammoth than to the African elephant.

  • Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo

    Greater one-horned rhino

    Greater one-horned rhinos are the second largest species of rhino, after the white rhino

  • Deer park at Whipsnade Zoo passage through Asia
    Some of Asia's biggest mammals

    Passage through Asia

    Journey through the fields with some of Asia's biggest mammals, including the extinct in the wild Père David's deer and only true wild horse, the Przewalski's horse.

  • A steam train at Whipsnade Zoo

    Footplate Experience at Whipsnade Zoo

    Our Footplate Experience allows you to ride on the footplate of one of our beautiful steam engines at Whipsnade Zoo

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