Online learning workshops

We're bringing the Zoo to you, with digital learning sessions which support your classroom learning. Calling live from the Zoo, each session is designed to meet specific curriculum links that directly relate to our conservation work. We're teaching students about the natural world and connecting students with wildlife. 

Preparing for your digital outreach session

Digital Outreach Workshops

    Przewalski's horse in an open space
    Classifying animals at the Zoo

    Classifying Animals KS1 - Digital Outreach

    Supporting classroom learning on animal identification and classification, students will be introduced to different ways in which to classify animals.

    Macaw at Birds of the World Whipsnade Zoo bird show
    Supporting classroom learning on animals

    Animal Lifecycles KS1 - Digital Outreach

    By using bird species at the Zoo as real life examples, we will discuss the key life processes of these birds and the differences between their life cycle and other animal groups.

    Animal skull on table for education learning session at Whipsnade Zoo
    Understanding animal diets

    Feeding and Food Chains KS2- Digital Outreach

    By using objects such as teeth and skulls, and animals at the Zoo, we will discuss different animal diets, the teeth mammals have to eat different foods and the interdependence of living things through food chains.

    Yak in China
    Supporting classroom learning on inheritance

    Evolution & Adaptations KS2 - Digital outreach

    Online learning session designed to support classroom learning on inheritance, and how that leads to the evolution of adaptations through natural selection.

    ZSL scientists swabbing a frog in the lab
    Bringing our scientists into your classroom

    Scientist in your classroom

    Our early career scientists will describe their experiences working in conservation science, discussing topics such as the process of scientific investigation or how the decisions they've made to find their career.