Because ZSL in your Classroom is very different from our in-zoo education sessions, we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for your session. Please contact us on [email protected]g if you have any other questions about sessions or set up.

    Preparing for digital outreach session

    We recommend Microsoft Teams as the platform for delivering the Digital Outreach sessions. If you do not use this in your classroom already, other platforms may be used upon request.

    An essential, free Test Call is also booked at the time of booking the Digital Outreach session. This enables us to ensure the connection works before the actual session takes place. This test call must happen at least one week before the date of the booked session.

    Please have the following information to hand before booking a Digital Outreach session:

    • Contact email for teacher
    • Direct phone contact for the day in case of  connection problems
    • A suitable date for your test call to take place (between 15:30 and 16:30 Mon-Fri)
    How long will the session last?
    • Classifying Animals is a 30 minute session
    • Animal Lifecycles is a 45 minute session
    • Evolution & Adaptations is a 45 minute session
    • Feeding & Foodchains is a 45 minute session

    Please note, all session times are approximate and we will endeavour to deliver in the described time frame.
    All sessions include an open Q&A at the end – where your students can pose their questions to us

    How much do the sessions cost?

    £45 per class (up to 35 students) or 4 classes can attend the same workshops for £75

    We sometimes offer free sessions for of special events. If you would like to be notified when these events are happening follow us on Twitter at @ZSL_Learning.

    What equipment do I need to run the session?
    • An internet connection
    • Computer with microphone and speakers
    • A webcam
    • Interactive White Board (or another way to display the Skype screen)
    What resources do I need to run the session?

    We will email you a set up guide after you have booked the session which will include all resources that you need to print. All details of what to expect during the call are included in the Set up Guide that will be sent to you on booking your digital outreach session

    What platform are these session delivered on?

    We recommend Microsoft Teams as the platform for delivering the Digital Outreach sessions. If you do not use this in your classroom already, other platforms are available to use upon request.

    Why do I need to book a Test Call?

    A Test Call will be booked at the same time as you book your digital outreach session. This free test call is an essential part of your booking.  It enables us to check that the connection is strong enough to run the session and gives us an opportunity to talk through the session with the class teacher.  This must be booked at least one week before your scheduled digital outreach session.

    What will happen on the day of the session?

    Upon booking the session you will be given a Teacher Set up Guide which includes a checklist to help you prepare for your session. Please ensure you are logged on before the designated time of your session. We will then call you at the designated time. Please make sure that all your students are ready and that you have the resources ready to distribute when prompted by the Learning Officer.

    Learning about wildlife

    • Three tiger brothers Makari Czar and Dmitri
      Online education sessions

      Digital Outreach

      We're bringing the Zoo to you, with digital learning sessions which support your classroom learning. Calling live from the Zoo, each session is designed to meet specific curriculum links that directly relate to our conservation work.

    • Giraffe baby Wilfred with mum Luna at Whipsnade Zoo
      Bringing learning to life

      Educational workshops

      Get your students closer to nature with our learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Our interactive sessions provide an opportunity to bring learning to life by meeting animals and Zookeepers. 

    • Primary school education workshop at Whipsnade Zoo
      Assemblies, digital learning and workshops

      Primary Education Outreach

      Hands-on interactive primary school workshops and assemblies to learn about more about animals.

    • Koko the chimp at Whipsnade Zoo
      Wildlife teaching resources

      Online resources

      From equipping students with the knowledge to carrying out their own animal behavioural study to animal treasure hunts, our resources will help capture the imagination of your students both in the classroom and at the Zoo. 

    • School visit at Whipsnade Zoo
      Learning at the Zoo

      Plan an education visit

      Helping teach students about the natural world and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.