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Our lemur walk-through is open daily from 12.30pm - 2pm on weekdays and 12.30pm - 3pm at weekends. 

Walk onto the lemurs’ island in at the Zoo and get seriously close to our beautiful ring-tailed lemurs.

Enter via a bridge over the moat and then walk across the island to the waterfall area where a raised walkway will allow you to get a better view of the lemurs in their favourite spot - sunbathing in the sunshine.

A small viewing area is situated to the front of the enclosure where visitors can stop and watch these energetic primates leaping about, catching a bit of sun and maybe even having a stink fight!

They’ll run rings round you!

Our African animals

    Two ring-tailed lemurs at Whipsnade Zoo
    Lemur catta

    Ring-tailed lemur

    Where do ring-tailed lemurs live in the wild? What do they like to eat? What do they look like? Find out everything you need to know about ring-tailed lemurs.

    Aardvark in Africa
    Orycteropus afer


    Aardvarks are nocturnal and solitary animals, and their burrows provide vital homes for many endangered species.

    Chimps at Whipsnade Zoo
    Pan troglodytes


    Chimps are more closely related to humans than gorillas.

    African lion Khari
    Panthera leo

    African lions

    Meet Khari. He's adventurous, confident and extremely handsome, and has joined us from Blackpool Zoo while their Big Cat House is being renovated. 

    Grevy's Zebra foal with mum at Whipsnade Zoo field
    Equus grevyi

    Grevy's zebra

    Grevy's zebra are most threatened species of zebra, with only 2000 remaining in the wild.

    African penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
    Spheniscus demersus

    African penguin

    These penguins are from warm climates, coming from the beaches of South Africa and Namibia.

    Reticulated giraffe Khari at Whipsnade Zoo
    Giraffa reticulata

    Reticulated giraffe

    Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as people, their heart beats twice as fast as human's and they stand at 2 metres tall as new a new born giraffe.

    An African wild dog at Whipsnade Zoo looks at the camera
    Lycaon pictus

    African wild dog

    African wild dogs each have their own unique patterns and markings

    Common hippo at Whipsnade Zoo
    Hippopotamus amphibius


    Hippos make their own 'sunscreen', which they secrete through their skin to keep it moist and protect them from the sun's rays.