Filming at Whipsnade Zoo

With an ever increasing portfolio of productions which have been filmed with us here at Whipsnade, our reputation as a great choice for filming locations is growing rapidly. We are very film friendly and happy to accommodate production and photography crews of all sizes throughout the year and stand alone unit bases in our large car park.

Easy filming locations in Bedfordshire

We aim to simplify your complex production process with our offering of an array of different types of film and photography locations spread over our 300 acre site and large spaces ideal for unit base parking based right here at Whipsnade.

London Zoo is located on the outskirts of Regent's Park in Central London and Whipsnade Zoo can be found in the heart of Bedfordshire with good access from the M1.

We can offer a variety of unique backdrops, from extensive rural landscapes, two 100 year old working steam engines to unique architecture dating from the 1900's from the to present day - and don't forget the animals!

We have a wide selection of animals available for filming including all the big family favourites, Asian Elephants, White Rhinos, Giraffes and Greater One Horned Rhino. We also have both Common and Pygmy Hippos, a variety of deer and antelope and African Lions, Amur Tigers and Brown Bears. If you are looking for more unusual species we have Wolverine, our Tropical Butterfly House and our Wild Dogs available for filming.

Scouting filming locations at Whipsnade Zoo

A site visit is highly recommended at Whipsnade Zoo, to get a better feel for the locations and the species that we can offer. This can be arranged by phoning: 0344 225 1826 or emailing us on [email protected].

Commercial Filming and Photography Charges


We can accommodate Unit Bases at Whipsnade Zoo, based 40 miles outside of London in Bedfordshire.

Fees are based on the total size of the group (cast and crew). They are hourly rates from first arrival on site until departure of the last crew member. They are charged for each hour or part thereof and are inclusive of a member of the ZSL team being with the crew at all times while they are on site to assist with trouble shooting or managing access. Our filming fees are based on crews filming or photographing from public areas with no special access or animal interaction. We can arrange additional behind the scenes access or animal interaction dependent on the species and additional fees will apply.

Crew size Hourly rate 
1-5 £300 +VAT
6-10 £450 +VAT
11-20 £600 +VAT
21-30 £750 +VAT
31-40 £1000 +VAT
41-50 £1500 +VAT
50-75 £2000 +VAT
75+ £2500 +VAT




Unit Base Parking Charges

We can accommodate Unit Bases at Whipsnade Zoo, based 40 miles outside of London in Bedfordshire with easy access to M1 and M25.

Size of Unit Base

Number of vehicles

Half day rate

Full day rate


0-3 facility vehicles

10-20 cars




3-6 facility vehicles

20-30 cars




6-10 facility vehicles

30-40 cars



NB: You must, as a condition of hire, provide security to cover your Unit Base throughout the period of hire. 


Looking for something a bit different?

Our passionate press team handle any alternative filming and photography requests. If you're a student, a journalist or an influencer - please do get in touch. We'd love to hear form you.