Find out all about Key Stage 1 Education workshops offered at Whipsnade Zoo.

Boasting a diverse and highly skilled Education Team, we provide unique learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Linked to the National Curriculum, we aim to deliver interactive experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia. 

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Our workshops

    Chameleon eye close up
    Experiencing the full spectrum of animals

    KS1 Colour and Camouflage

    Investigating real objects from the natural world to practice their descriptive skills and find out more about how colours and patterns can help animals survive in their habitat.

    A chimpanzee stands in grass
    Understanding habitats

    KS1 Habitats

    Understanding habitats and why animals live in them for key stage 1 students at the Zoo.

    Khari the giraffe eating kale
    Identifying animals

    KS1 Fur, Feathers and Scales – Explore!

    Exploring the differences between animals across the world, from tigers to penguins.

    African lion Khari at Whipsnade Zoo
    Journey across Africa

    KS1 African animals

    Students will be taken on a tour by a member of our dedicated Learning staff around the meerkats, lions and zebras enclosures bringing to life the role camouflage plays in the survival of animals in the wild.

    Two African penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
    Lifecycles at the Zoo

    KS1 Lifecycles

    Explore how a variety of different animals, grow, develop and produce offspring. Students will consider their own lifecycle before going on to compare the lifecycles of a variety of different animals. 

    Slow worm on moss
    Uncovering our native wildlife

    KS1 Minibeast Explorers!

    Pupils will work scientifically to collect real data on native species found in our specially designed wildlife habitat.

Education workshops are FREE from 1 September to February half term. Workshops cost £45 per workshop from February half term to 31 August. They are designed for groups of up to 35 students. Multiple workshops can be run concurrently throughout the day to cater for a whole year group, key stage or school’s needs. 

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