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In Fur, Feathers and Scales - Explore! students will explore the different vertebrate families. Comparing and contrasting different objects from the natural world from tigers to penguins, students will use descriptive words to label and sort the animals into groups. When possible, students will also be introduced to a live animal in order to showcase how we can identify the animal as an example and how grouping animals helps us in the zoo.

Many objects from the natural world used in this session are loaned to us by HM Revenue and Customs.

Please be aware that though we aim to use a live animal in this session, we do not guarantee that they will be present – animals can fall ill or be unwilling to be handled and their welfare is ZSL’s first priority. 

Key: KS1 (5-7 years old) Duration: 30 – 45 min Capacity: 35 students

Indoor Session


Intended learning outcomes:

Pupils will be able to:

  • separate animals into categories using observations
  • Describe why animals are in different categories
  • Gain an understanding that animals can experience fear and we can help protect them

National Curriculum links:

KS1 Science Working Scientifically Identify and classify; Use simple features to compare
Animals, including humans

Identify and name common animals including a variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals;

Describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals

Living things and their habitats

Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats

KS1 English Spoken Language, Reading Word reading, comprehension


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