Get your students closer to nature with our learning workshops for all ages and abilities.  

We're inspiring a lifelong love of animals in the conservationists of tomorrow, helping students understand the need to protect the natural world. Our sessions are each linked to the National Curriculum, complementing your lessons in the classroom to help change students understanding of nature for the better.  

Education workshops are FREE from 1 September to February half term. Workshops cost £45 per workshop from February half term to 31 August. They are designed for groups of up to 35 students. Multiple workshops can be run concurrently throughout the day to cater for a whole year group, key stage or school’s needs. 

Are you a school based in the LU1-LU7 postal area? Take a look at our education access scheme to create amazing learning experiences for the whole academic year.

Our KS2 workshops

KS2 workshops which you can book as part of your education visit.

    Aardvark in the savannah
    Animal adaptions at the Zoo

    KS2 Habitats & adaptations

    Through hands-on activities, students will explore the adaptations of different species and will discover how closely-related species differ due to the habitat they've evolved to live in.

    Macaw at Birds of the World Whipsnade Zoo bird show
    Learning how scientists classify animals

    KS2 Fur, Feathers and Scales – Classify!

    Exploring the different vertebrate animals groups in more depth, pupils will compare and contrast a range of unfamiliar objects from the natural world and use a range of criterion to classify the vertebrates represented correctly.

    Dimitri the Amur tiger cub at Whipsnade Zoo
    Saving animals from extinction

    KS2 Investigate Endangered Animals

    Learning the importance of our conservation work and we can help to protect endangered animals through simple actions.

    Lola the hippo with her mouth open in her outdoor pool at Whipsnade Zoo
    Investigating our scientific skull collection

    KS2 Teeth & Diets

    From elephants to tigers, students can compare the differences between the teeth of different vertebrate animals groups as well as forensically using teeth differences to identify herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in investigatory group work.

    Lake Acigol fish habitat in Turkey, Whipsnade Zoo field conservation
    Protecting oceans, rivers and lakes

    KS2 Plastics: Impacts & Actions

    Exploring the impact single-use plastic is having on the environment and how they can make a positive change to help.

    Amur tiger in the snow
    Understanding animal tracking

    KS2 Conserving tiger food chains

    Be transported to the depths of Siberia to become ZSL scientists at our fantastic Tiger Falls enclosure.

    Slow worm on grass
    Discover our native wildlife

    KS2 Minibeast Investigate!

    Pupils will will explore together and work scientifically to collect real data on native species found in our specially designed wildlife habitat.

    Giraffes at Whipsnade Zoo, in front of giraffe viewing platform.
    Collect real data on our herd of giraffes

    KS2 Giraffe behaviour study

    Students will work in groups and come face to face with our herd of giants to collect behavioural data using ethograms.