Find out all about Key Stage 4 Education Workshops offered at Whipsnade Zoo.

Boasting a diverse and highly skilled Education Team, we provide unique learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Linked to the National Curriculum, we aim to deliver interactive experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia.

Our workshops

    Checking water quality for freshwater fish conservation in Lake Acıgöl
    Learning how climate change is affecting wildlife

    KS4 Climate Change and Animals

    Understanding impact of the changing climate on animals across the world through the lens of work carried out by ZSL's own scientists.

    Baby elephant Elizabeth at Whipsnade Zoo
    Make decisions when faced with real-life dilemmas

    KS4 Zoo Ethics

    Sit on the Zoo ethics board and make decisions based on real life situations.

    Male Asiatic lion in the grass
    Explore the place of zoos in modern society

    KS4 Role of the Modern Zoo

    Using Whipsnade Zoo as a case study, they will discover how zoos are working to protect wildlife all around the world and bring species back from the brink of extinction.

    Chinese pangolin on a tree
    Examine the underworld of wildlife crime

    Wildlife Under Threat Key stage 4 learning

    Examine the underworld of wildlife crime as we use real Customs seizures to reveal the devastating impact of hunting and exploitation on animal populations

    Common hippos Lola and Hodor in their outdoor pool at Whipsnade Zoo
    Understand the science of taxonomy

    KS4 Discover Classification

    A hands-on session using interactive voting software, real specimens and group tasks to help students understand the science of taxonomy (classifying living things).

Education workshops are FREE from 1 September to February half term. Workshops cost £45 per workshop from February half term to 31 August. They are designed for groups of up to 35 students. Multiple workshops can be run concurrently throughout the day to cater for a whole year group, key stage or school’s needs. 

Are you a school based in the LU1-LU7 postal area? Take a look at our education access scheme to create amazing learning experiences for the whole academic year.