Post 16 studies (Key Stage 5) Education Workshops at Whipsnade Zoo.

We are able to welcome one class of up to 35 student, into our classroom at a time for informative and interactive workshops. Please choose from one of the following set workshops and call 0344 967 0832 to make a booking.

Our workshops

    Phil the Chimp solving a puzzle at Whipsnade Zoo
    Assessing animal intelligence

    KS5 Animal Behaviour – Chimpanzee Case Study

    Discover how we use the science of learning behaviours to benefit animal welfare at the zoo and will carry out a behaviour study of a member of our chimp troop.

    Zookeeper netting Lake Acigol killifish in Turkey
    Explore how zoos have changed over the last two centuries

    KS5 Role of the Modern Zoo

    Using Whipsnade as a case study, students will discover how zoos are working to protect wildlife all around the world and bring species back from the brink of extinction.

    Purple frog, an endangered frog species ZSL works with.
    How we protect species

    KS5 Conservation Priorities

    In groups students are allocated an endangered amphibian and tasked with putting together a case for why that species should receive funding for conservation.

    Common hippo with calf a at Whipsnade Zoo
    Investigate how and why scientists classify animals

    KS5 Classification - Hippo Case Study

    Using hippos as a focal point students will look at observable characteristics and phylogenetic trees to compare the different methods of classifying animals as well as how modern technologies have altered taxonomical decisions.

    Taking GPS coordinates for a site of interest for conservation field work to save Lake Acıgöl killifish.
    Working in the field

    KS5 Field Study Skills

    Students will have the fantastic opportunity to learn practical skills on the Whipsnade Zoo’s very own Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  Home to rare plants species, students will demonstrate both random and systematic sampling techniques.

    Rhino calf Zhiwa posing for a photo next to mum Behan
    Solving real Zoo dilemmas

    KS5 Zoo Ethics

    Experience the complexity around ethical decision making as well as how ethics can change with culture, time and perspective.

Education workshops are FREE from 1 September to February half term. Workshops cost £45 per workshop from February half term to 31 August. They are designed for groups of up to 35 students. Multiple workshops can be run concurrently throughout the day to cater for a whole year group, key stage or school’s needs. 

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