Key stage 3 wildlife teaching resources

Helping students aged between 11 and 15 connect with wildlife, and feel empowered to protect the natural world. 

Ecosystems & food webs Use the example of the Arctic tundra to explore ecosystems and food webs. Activity 
Modern Zoo challenge Test your animal knowledge and learn about the challenges conservationists face. Worksheet


ZSL Instant Wild

ZSL Instant Wild
Conservation at your fingertips

ZSL Instant Wild

Use the resources below in conjunction with ZSL Instant Wild to contribute to conservation efforts and inspire future conservationists!

ZSL Instant Wild Resources for use both at school and at home

Exploring ecosystems and biodiversity Explore live-streamed camera trap footage from habitats across the world. Online activity 
Exploring Endangered animals and conservation  Contribute to our conservation work and learn about Endangered animals from across the globe. Online activity 

At the Zoo

Adaptations and survival skills Learn about how our animals are adapted to thrive in their habitat. Worksheet
Enclosure design  Evaluate the pros and cons of an enclosure at the Zoo. Worksheet