Wildlife teaching resources key stage 4

Learning resources for students aged 14 to 16 to learn more about the natural world and help build a lifelong connection with wildlife.

Online learning resources for at home or at school

Design a behaviour study Design and run an animal behaviour study using this guide. Activity 
Chimp memory game Test your memory against a chimp, and learn why chimps have an amazing memory. Worksheet
Ethical animal debate Debate tricky decisions which must be made at conservation zoos. Activity 


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Use the resources below in conjunction with ZSL Instant Wild to contribute to conservation efforts and inspire future conservationists!

 At the Zoo

Exploring the role of a conservation zoo Use this worksheet to investigate the role of a modern zoo in conservation and education. Worksheet
Green team challenge  Use this green team challenge to understand how wildlife conservation. Activity 


ZSL Instant Wild Resources for use both at school and at home

Exploring ecosystems and biodiversity Explore live-streamed camera trap footage from habitats across the world. Online activity 
Exploring Endangered animals and conservation  Contribute to our conservation work and learn about Endangered animals from across the globe. Online activity