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29 July
5 August
12 August
19 August
10am - 9pm
Normal ticket prices apply. Evening access included in day ticket.

Whipsnade Zoo will be staying open late on four evenings this summer – a great opportunity to see some of our amazing animals and their behaviours in a relaxed setting as the sun goes down across the Zoo.

Open until 9pm:
• Saturday 29 July 2023
• Saturday 5 August 2023
• Saturday 12 August 2023
• Saturday 19 August 2023


It’s perfect for anyone wanting to see a different side to the zoo in the evening, or maybe you just want a little more time to explore Whipsnade - after all, it is the UK's biggest zoo!
Spectacular evening views off the Downs behind the penguin pool are bound to be popular, along with the opportunity to discover species that can be more active around dusk, including lions, tigers, porcupine and aardvarks. Plus of course our wonderful free-roaming wallabies.

To experience Whipsnade in the evening, simply select one of the four late opening dates: 29 July or 5, 12, 19 August.

COMING SOON.....Make your visit even longer by staying overnight!

If you're a camping enthusiast then our Nature Night camping experience is for you. Pitch your tent on the main lawn and explore the Zoo at your leisure. Once everyone else has headed home, our team will take you on a torchlight walk around the Zoo to see who likes to stay up late, before you settle down for the night, After a hearty breakfast, you'll get a morning tour before opening and then be able to spend the rest of the day in the Zoo.

Not a tent fan, then our Lookout Lodges are for you. Check in to your own private lodge and get settled while sipping a complimentary drink. Explore the Zoo at your leisure and then head to your reserved table for dinner at one of our restaurants. At 9pm as visitors head home you'll be taken on a torchlight walk around the Zoo to see who likes to stay up lare. After a good night's sleep, you'll have a full English breakfast and get a private tour before the Zoo opens to the public.


Your questions answered:

What time will the Zoo close?

9pm, with last pedestrian entry 7:30pm and last car entry 5pm.

Is this the same as Sunset Safari/Zoo Nights?

No. These evenings are simply extended opening hours, giving more people the chance to visit Whipsnade Zoo, or experience it at a new time of day when different animals may be more active. There will be no catering/entertainment hub as you may have known at previous after-hours events and you won’t need a separate event ticket.

Will there be extra animal talks or other entertainment?

Our normal programme of expert talks will be extended to run through the whole day from 10am and through the evening. However, there are no new talks or demonstration planned specially for these evenings.

Do I need a separate ticket?

No. Your standard day ticket is valid any time from the time of entry stated on it and you can then stay as long as you want through to closing time at 9pm.

I’m a member. Do I just arrive as normal?

Yes, just arrive any time before last entry time and your membership card will be scanned as normal.

I want to come in the day and stay for the evening. Will I need to leave and re-enter?

No. These evenings are simply extended opening hours – once in the zoo you can stay as long as you want, right through to 9pm.

What time do the animal areas close?

Animal houses close 8:30pm, half an hour before the zoo closes.

Can children attend too?

Yes. We’re keeping the zoo open later for everyone.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes. Our range of catering outlets will be open serving a delicious range of options, but if you’d like to bring a picnic that’s absolutely fine.
See below for planned closing times for our cafes and kiosks.

Will the animals be bothered by people staying later than usual?

Welfare is our top priority and we make every effort to ensure animal comfort and wellbeing at all times. These evenings are an extension to the normal daytime experience, offering visitors an opportunity to explore the conservation zoo for a few extra hours while the evenings are at their lightest and longest. Our expert keepers will be on hand to monitor behaviour as always.

Closing times and other useful information

  • Zoo closes 9pm.
  • Last entry (pedestrian entry) 7:30pm.
  • Last car entry 5pm.


  • Animal houses close 8:30pm, half an hour before the zoo closes.

Food and drink

  • Viewpoint Al Forno Restaurant & Deli will close at 8pm, with last food orders 7pm.
  • Basecamp Restaurant will close at 8pm, with last food orders 7pm.
  • Visitor Centre Café will close at 9pm.
  • Station Store and Africa Outpost will run subject to demand, closing at 8pm.
  • Hullabazoo Café will be available, subject to demand, via the hatch near the outdoor playground. Closing no later than 8pm.

Other facilities

  • Hullabazoo indoor play will be open as usual during the day, but not extend into public use during the evening. Daytime slots for these dates will be pre-bookable 24hrs in advance.
  • Face painting available until 8pm.
  • Carousel operating until 8:30pm.
  • The Great Whipsnade Railway will operate a normal service during the day with a special adapted timetable beyond 6pm, and run no later than 8pm.

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To experience Whipsnade in the evening, simply select one of the four late opening dates: 29 July or 5, 12, 19 August.