Event type
Animal Awareness Day
Event status
13 July - 14 July
10:30 - 17:00
Free with zoo entry

Come and celebrate World Chimp Day on 13 & 14 July at Whipsnade Zoo

We are home to an incredible troop of chimpanzees, so come along to meet some of your closest relatives and celebrate them throughout the weekend.

Where will World Chimp Day activities take place?

Activities will be taking place at the top of the chimp habitat. So join us for special talks, activities and games.

All activities are included in the cost of your zoo ticket or membership. 

Why should we celebrate chimps?

All great apes are endangered or critically endangered except for us humans! The populations of wild apes are decreasing. Learn what you can do to help and how ZSL’s vital conservation work is helping these amazing apes. 

What threatens chimps?

Chimpanzees are Endangered due to poaching, habitat loss and disease. With palm-oil production driving deforestation in their native West and Central Africa, ZSL is working with oil producers to instil more wildlife-friendly practices, as well as strengthening wildlife monitoring and protection on the ground in key chimp habitat in Cameroon at the Dja conservation complex.

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