Event type
Animal Awareness Day
Event status
22 September - 24 September
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It's World Rhino Day on 22 September and we are celebrating all weekend long. Join us while we celebrate our two rhinos species that live at Whipsnade Zoo!

Greater one-horned rhino Hugo in his outdoor paddock at Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo is home to two species of rhino: our crash of southern white rhinos who live in our Africa zone, and our greater one-horned rhinos who you can find in our Asia zone. 

When will World Rhino Day activities take place?

Friday 22 September through Sunday 24 September, we are celebrating our rhinos ALL DAY! Join us for rhino talks, Q&As, rhino enrichment or feeds, arts and crafts, plus lots more!

All activities are included in the cost of your Zoo ticket or membership

Two rhinos at sunset at Whipsnade Zoo

Why are rhinos so special?

The rhinoceros has been around for 50 million years and today just five species remain. As well as looking after our two species here at the zoo, ZSL is also helping to conserve other rhino species, such as the black rhino, in the wild through a variety of conservation projects.  

Rhinos around the world are under threat from habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching for their horns. 

Rhino horn is worth more, by weight, than either gold or diamonds. The horns are used in traditional medicine in Asia and also to make dagger handles in the Middle East, and poaching is a huge problem. In recent years the impact of the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) has reached unprecedented levels. ZSL is tackling IWT through community engagement, patrol techniques, training and technology.

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