Area of zoo
Enclosure status
IUCN status
Least Concern
Scientific name
Lynx lynx
Mountain forests

Lynx facts

A Eurasian lynx at Whipsnade Zoo

What do Eurasian lynx look like?

Eurasian lynx are the largest species of lynx, with their most distinctive features being pointed ears and large webbed paws which help them walk across the snow. They are golden brown in colour and have black spots on their back, while their underside is completely white. Another notable feature is the white ruff of fur around their jaw line.

Where do Eurasian lynx live?

Eurasian lynx are native to Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Siberia and Scandinavia - they are one of the widest ranging cat species in the world. 

These cats live in mountain forests and use thick vegetation to remain out of sight while they stalk their prey.

A Eurasian lynx on a platform at Whipsnade Zoo

What do Eurasian lynx eat?

Eurasian lynx feed on a range of mammals and birds, from rodents and squirrels, to deer.

What threats do Eurasian lynx face in the wild?

While assessed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, Eurasian lynx face threats such as habitat loss and conflict with hunters.

Are there Eurasian lynx at Whipsnade Zoo?

Yes, Whipsnade Zoo is home to two Eurasian lynx, Ruby and Amber. Look out for them next to our wild boars in the Europe section of the Zoo

Visit our EurasiAn Lynx at Whipsnade Zoo

Ruby the Eurasian lynx with her eyes shut at Whipsnade Zoo
  • A close up of Ruby the Eurasian lynx at Whipsnade Zoo

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    Visit our Eurasian lynx in our Europe zone

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