Area of zoo
Enclosure status
IUCN status
Least Concern
Scientific name
Capra hircus

About our Royal Golden Guernsey goats

'Doris' & 'Betty' are very gentle kind girls, they love being petted by the public.  They are also in our farm yard fun show and like to go for walks around the zoo their friends 'Gary' & 'Kevin'.

Guernsey goats facts

  • Guernsey goats are known for their docile and friendly personalities. They're curious and enjoy attention, making them a great addition to many farms.
  • They are a dairy breed of goat famous for their rich, creamy milk.
  • Guernsey goats don't just have golden coats, their skin is also a golden colour!
  • Guernsey goats have been bestowed the very special honour of a royal title. His Majesty King Charles, Royal Patron of ZSL and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, granted the breed with their new official name of Royal golden Guernsey goats in July 2024.
Golden Guernsey goat at Whipsnade zoo
Golden Guernsey goat at Whipsnade zoo

What do Guernsey goats look like?

Guernsey goats hair comes in various shades of gold, ranging from a light blonde to a deep bronze. Some can have white markings on their face. They have perky ears that point forward and have a smaller and more slender build than most goats.

What do Guernsey goats eat?

Guernsey goats, like all goats, are 'browsers' which means they love to eat leaves, twigs, and other plant parts.

Where are Guernsey goats from?

Guernsey goats originated on the Channel Island of Guernsey, which is how they got their name!

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