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Pass through Monkey Forest’s gate into the woodland home of our swinging langurs, chattering macaques, miniature water buffalo and snuffling babirusa!

Home to some of East Asia's rarest animals and over 50 different species of tree, walk around a forest filled with wildlife. Hunting and habitat loss has caused each of these animals to be under real threat in the wild, but at Monkey Forest, you can get a special insight into their natural behaviors, as anoas sniff down food alongside our big troop of macaques. And learn about the important work we do through ZSL to safeguard a future for these species out in the wild. 

Animals at Monkey Forest

  • Sulawesi crested macaque
    Macaca nigra

    Sulawesi crested macaque

    Sulawesi crested macaques might not look like a monkey, but they actually have a vestigial tail that's just 2cm long.

  • Lowland anoa in a forest
    Bubalus depressicornis


    A dwarf buffalo, anoas are the smallest of all cattle species and our scientists have been working to protect them.

  • Babirusa male with tusks
    Babyrousa celebensis


    The oldest living members of the pig family, Babirusa's tusks are actually canine teeth which can reach 40cm long and grow through their skin.

  • François’s Langur adult
    Trachypithecus francoisi

    François' langur

    François' langurs have declined by over 50 percent over the last 36 years, and now just 2000 individuals remain.

What to expect at Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest includes two mixed habitats, which will see the macaques and anoa, and the langurs and babirusa, living side-by-side. Mixing primates and ungulates (animals with hooves) together recreates the jungle environment, where primates and ungulates often interact – as ungulates might eat food that primates have dropped from the canopy. It provides natural enrichment for the animals, as well as an incredible experience for visitors! 

The new homes are built to give unrivalled viewing for visitors, who will have access to indoor viewing areas and a new outdoor trail running alongside Passage Through Asia. Sunken fences and raised viewing spots along the trail will mean uninterrupted views of our macaque troop and anoa.

Not only does the new habitat provide vast opportunities to explore for the four species, but there’s plenty for your own little monkeys to explore too. Look out for a nature play trail and interactive areas, inspired by monkey behaviour, get in touch with your inner primate. 

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