Our animals at Whipsnade Zoo had snow much fun as their home was transformed into a winter wonderland!

Keepers snapped photos of our animals - from aardvarks to Amur tigers - on the latest snow days as they joined in with the flurry of excitement. Scroll through our image gallery for beautiful winter scenes and to see what they made of snowmen that appeared in their habitat overnight! 

Some of our animals are well-adapted to the colder conditions. Wolverines, for example, have thick and oily fur, that is resistant to frost and their large, five-toed paws help them manoeuvre through thick snow. Learn more about our animals and see them in action when you next visit - join as a member to see them all year round! 

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  • African lion Khari
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    Plan Your Visit

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  • Amur tiger at Whipsnade Zoo
    Panthera tigris altaica

    Amur tiger

    Discover incredible facts about Amur tigers.

  • Puff the wolverine at Whipsnade Zoo
    Gulo gulo


    Wolverines have thick and oily fur that is resistant to frost.

  • A Eurasian lynx at Whipsnade Zoo
    Lynx lynx

    Eurasian lynx

    The Eurasian lynx is the largest species of lynx, and once lived wild in the UK.

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