6 April 2023

White rhinos, wolverines and lemurs celebrate Easter early at Whipsnade Zoo

Lemurs, rhinos and wolverines woke up to an Easter eggstravaganza at Whipsnade Zoo today, as keepers at the conservation zoo arranged a cracking treat for the animals.   
Endangered ring-tailed lemurs foraged amongst papier-mâché eggs filled with their favourite sweet potato treats, wolverines Puff and Fi woke up to Easter piñatas stuffed with their favourite meaty snacks - testing their sharp claws and hunting skills - while greater one-horned rhino Behan snuffled for snacks amongst brightly painted Easter boxes.   

Greater one-horned rhino Behan with Happy Easter boxes at Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo’s Animal Manager Matthew Webb said: "We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to our blooming conservation zoo this Easter weekend, and we’ve made sure the animals have a smashing time too.  
“Zookeepers have been busy creating enriching papier-mâché eggs for the lemurs, who love discovering and investigating new things, hiding the treat-filled eggs all over their home.  

A wolverine tears into an Easter egg pinata at Whipsnade Zoo

 “Elsewhere, the wolverines used their sharp claws to tear into Easter themed piñatas – not unlike kids this Easter Sunday with their chocolate eggs – while greater one-horned rhino Behan led the charge into Easter. 
“At Whipsnade Zoo we are always looking for new ways to encourage the animals' natural hunting and foraging behaviours: the Easter excitement across the country offers us a great opportunity to create enriching animal activities, while also being an engaging and colourful way for our younger visitors to learn about different species and their unique skills.”   

Two lemurs with Easter eggs at Whipsnade Zoo
A wolverine with an Easter egg pinata at Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo is part of ZSL, a science-driven conservation charity working to restore wildlife in the UK and around the world – a mission supported by every visitor to the conservation zoo. 
Plus, this Easter, visitors to Whipsnade Zoo can also join TV favourites Pip and Posy on a family-friendly trail through its 600acres of nature – getting inspired by 10,000 animals. 

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  • Pip & Posy make a bug house from twigs and leaves
    Easter fun with Pip and Posy

    Easter fun with Pip and Posy at Whipsnade Zoo

    Discover a whole day out of family fun this Easter at Whipsnade Zoo with a Pip and Posy trail

  • Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo
    Rhinoceros unicornis

    Greater one-horned rhino

    The are the second largest species of rhino, and our work at the Zoo is informing ZSL led recovery of their species in Nepal.

  • Two ring-tailed lemurs at Whipsnade Zoo
    Lemur catta

    Ring-tailed lemur

    Where do ring-tailed lemurs live in the wild? What do they like to eat? What do they look like? Find out everything you need to know about ring-tailed lemurs.

  • Puff the wolverine at Whipsnade Zoo
    Gulo gulo


    Wolverines have thick and oily fur that is resistant to frost.

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