13 March 2024

What do you call a bright orange monkey who loves to eat leaves? 

No, that's not the opening line to a bad joke - we're asking for the public's help to name our newest arrival - a baby François’ langur. 

The flame-coloured baby monkey was born at our conservation zoo's brand-new Monkey Forest habitat, which opens on March 29, and zookeepers are inviting the public to help name the little one. 

Monkey Forest promises to transport visitors to the forests of southeast Asia, while shining a light on the endangered François’ langur troop. 

The bright new addition was born to mum Lulu and dad Wang on 17 February, and keepers have been able to confirm that the precious new arrival is a boy. 

Whipsnade Zoo’s Animal Operations Manager Hayley Jakeman said “The tiny four-week-old really stands out from the crowd at Monkey Forest. While his parents and the rest of the troop have monochromatic coats, the baby langur was born with shocking orange hair,” she said.  

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François’ langur babies are believed to be born with bright orange locks so that parents can easily spot the youngster when they’re being cared for by the troop. 

Over the next few months, the youngster's hair will fade to black. 

“We’re looking for a name which really encapsulates how important this little monkey is. François’ langurs are sadly endangered, and in China and Vietnam their numbers continue to plummet as the species faces threats from illegal hunting for their meat and for traditional medicinal purposes. It really makes this birth internationally important.” 

Our zookeepers will cast the final vote and choose a name from those submitted by the public. The person who suggests the winning name will be invited to visit us for an exclusive guided visit to Monkey Forest for them and their family. 

Hayley added: ““If you have an idea please head to our website and submit your suggestion. The winner, who will be decided by our keepers, will get a special tour of Monkey Forest before it opens on March 29 – we can't wait to see all the name suggestions!”  

Zoo fans can read more about the newborn and the troop on our website before voting. The winning name will be announced ahead of the launch of Monkey Forest.

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