5 November 2019

Our keepers are celebrating a new arrival at the Zoo after a bull elephant from Zoo Antwerpen in Belgium joined our herd, as part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).

Ming Jung the Asian elephant who has large tusks, hold a branch with their trunk.

Transporting the mammoth Ming Jung, who weighs in at just over four tonnes, required meticulous planning and co-ordination, as well as months of ‘familiarisation training’ for Ming Jung to get accustomed to his transportation facilities. The 12-year-old Asian elephant then travelled across the English Channel to the UK’s largest Zoo in a huge, custom-built vehicle complete with heating, lighting, food and water. 

Team leader Stefan Groeneveld said: “After many months of careful planning and a safe, successful journey, it’s wonderful to be celebrating Ming Jung joining our herd here at Whipsnade Zoo. He has settled in really well and seems to be enjoying exploring his new environment, which we fill with activities such as barrels or moving sand dunes that we can hide his favourite foods in, to help bring out his natural behaviours. 

Close-up of Ming Jung the Asian elephant browsing at Whipsnade Zoo

“First impressions are that he is a quiet and reserved animal, but we’re really looking forward to getting to know Ming Jung’s character and personality over the coming months and soon he will be introduced to our herd of female elephants, Donna, Kaylee, Elizabeth, Lucha and Karishma, as part of the vital European breeding programme for Asian elephants.”

Centre for elephant care

Our expertly designed elephant care centre provides advanced care to complement the herd's seven grass paddocks.