Our ‘crash of rhinos’ put on a smashing ceremony to reopen the Zoo.

Our group of Southern white rhinos enjoyed breakfast next to a 1.5m tall sign, made of stacked cardboard boxes, but it wasn’t long before 39-year-old Clara decided to lead them all in some daybreak demolition.

We're so excited to have reopened our gates and can't wait to welcome you back. With 600 acres to explore, we're the perfect place to visit if you're looking to blow off the cobwebs of lockdown. 

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  • Two white rhinos at Whipsnade Zoo in their outdoor paddock with gemsbok in the background
    Ceratotherium simum ssp. simum

    Southern white rhino

    White rhinos are the largest rhino species weighing up to 2.3 tonnes which is heavier than a car!

  • Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo

    Rhinos of Nepal

    Whipsnade Zoo's Rhinos of Nepal exhibit provides a fantastic home for our greater one-horned rhinos.

  • Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo
    Rhinoceros unicornis

    Greater one-horned rhino

    The are the second largest species of rhino, and our work at the Zoo is informing ZSL led recovery of their species in Nepal.

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