Baby rhino Zhiwa's cutest moments at 6 months old. 

Greater one-horned rhino Zhiwa was born in December 2019 and has grown so much in 6 months! We thought we'd look back on some of her cutest moments. 

Zhiwa is our youngest greater one-horned rhino and shares her paddock with mum Behan in our Rhinos of Nepal area. Look out for them when you next visit!

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  • Greater one-horned rhino Hugo at Whipsnade Zoo

    Greater one-horned rhino

    Greater one-horned rhinos are the second largest species of rhino, after the white rhino

  • Greater one-horned rhino Zhiwa with mum Behan in the background at Whipsnade Zoo

    Rhinos of Nepal

    Whipsnade Zoo's Rhinos of Nepal exhibit provides a fantastic home for our greater one-horned rhinos.

  • Rhino calf Zhiwa posing for a photo next to mum Behan
    17 December 2019

    70kg bundle of Christmas joy

    Baby greater one-horned rhino makes festive debut at Whipsnade Zoo in December 2019.

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