Key stage 2 Online Resources

Designed to engage students aged 7 to 11 in learning about the natural world. 

At Home or at School

Design an enclosure An art and design activity allowing pupils to design their own animal enclosure Activity
Bug Hunt Investigate invertebrates in your school grounds Activity
Animal Geography Research animals from around the world looking at the diverse places that different species come from Activity
Animal Diets An easier worksheet to allow pupils to become familiar with the works, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore Worksheet
Animal Diets A slightly harder worksheet encouraging students to think about the adaptations some animals have as a result of their diet Worksheet
Animal Behaviour Study A scientific investigation encouraging students to observe an animal or a live stream of an animal and analyse their behaviour Activity
Classifying Invertebrates A teacher led activity to encourage students to think about the similarities and differences between organisms Activity
Design a zoo A cross curricular activity that allows students to design a zoo while thinking abut the costs involved.  Activity
Giraffe habitats and adaptations A worksheet investigating the different adaptations that giraffes have for the savannah Worksheet


ZSL Instant Wild

ZSL Instant Wild
Conservation at your fingertips

ZSL Instant Wild

Use the resources below in conjunction with ZSL Instant Wild to contribute to conservation efforts and inspire future conservationists!

ZSL Instant Wild Resources for use both at school and at home

Endangered animals and conservation Explore endangered animals and conservation through the contribution to active conservation projects Online Activity
Exploring habitats, adaptations and food chains Explore habitats, adaptations and food chains through the contribution to active conservation projects Online Activity


At the Zoo

Become a Rainforest Explorer Identify the different species of butterflies and other species in the Whipsnade Zoo Butterfly House.  Activity
Adaptations and Survival Skills As students walk around the zoo they are encouraged to look for adaptations that different species have for different purposes Worksheet
Classifying Animals Work on grouping animals  that you spot around the site Worksheet
Endangered Animals Look at animals Signs around the zoo to find out the conservation status of some of our animals  Worksheet