Wildlife online teaching resources for post-16 students 

Teaching resources for your post-16 students aged between 17 and 18 years old to learn about conservation science an animal behaviour.

Classifying animals Explore the topic of animal classification and taxonomy using this worksheet. Worksheet
Chimp enrichment Explore how chimpanzee lives are enriched at the zoo and design your own chimp enclosure incorporating these methods.  Worksheet


The 2023 Prince Philip Award & Marsh Prize for studies in animal biology

Do you have any budding scientists? ZSL's Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize is a great opportunity to present an account of practical work involving some aspect of animal biology. Open to students under 19 years old, entrants showcase their work to a panel of scientists and education officers.  The winner receives a monetary prize (£600) and a certificate. Also looks impressive on a university personal statement. For more information, please visit Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize Guidelines 2023. Closing date for entries 15 January 2024.

Chimpanzee facts

Chimps eating at Whipsnade Zoo
Pan troglodytes


Chimps are more closely related to humans than gorillas, and you can watch our chimps regularly use tools at the Zoo.

More online teaching resources

  • Amur tiger cub Czar at Whipsnade Zoo
    Online Resources for Early Years

    Online Resources for Early Years

    Taking first steps towards understanding wildlife, like drawing a butterfly cycle or exploring the Zoo with rhymes.

  • Butterfly id guide for Whipsnade Zoo butterfly house
    Online Resources for Key Stage 1

    Online Resources for Key stage 1

    From treasure hunts to counting animals, our online teaching resources to help students learn about science, maths and art!

  • Giraffes at Whipsnade Zoo, in front of giraffe viewing platform.
    Online Resources for Key Stage 2

    Online Resources for Key stage 2

    Teaching resources to help students aged 7 to 11 learn more about the natural world, by designing enclosures, studying animals and more!

  • African lion Khari at Whipsnade Zoo
    Online Resources for Key Stage 3

    Online Resources for Key stage 3

    Helping students aged between 11 and 15 connect with wildlife, and feel empowered to protect the natural world. 

  • Chimp in the rainforest
    Online Resources for Key Stage 4

    Online Resources for Key stage 4

    Are your students smarter than chimps? Test their short-term memories and learn more about

  • A group of African black-footed penguins at Whipsnade Zoo
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