17 April 2023

Things to do Coronation weekend 

Take part in the Big Help Out at Whipsnade Zoo on 8 May, and have a special opportunity get stuck in cleaning out our centre for elephant care and weed our world famous chalk lion. At this special royal weekend you can celebrate the Kings Coronation at the UK's biggest Zoo, getting up close to the worlds tallest animal,  spending time in the biggest butterfly house in the UK and helping keep an eye on our new baby pygmy goats at Hullabazoo farm.

To sign up, download the Big Help Out app and search 'Zoo' to find our activities and join us. 

Get involved

By volunteering with us, you'll be playing your part in our global wildlife conservation mission, we've played our part in restoring extinct in the wild species like the Przewalski's horse and scimitar-horned oryx back into their native habitats, whilst leading fresh water fish conservation

Elizabeth the elephant in her outdoor pool at Whipsnade Zoo
A cheetah stands behind long grass at Whipsnade Zoo

Royal Coronation at the Zoo

You'll be joining a royal tradition at the Zoo, following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth II who opened our centre for elephant care.  As a ZSL conservation Zoo, we've historically had a reigning monarch as our Royal Patron throughout our history, so by joining us you are honouring the support we've received since we first opened our gates almost 100 years ago. 

Spend your Coronation Weekend at our amazing Zoo in the heart of Bedfordshire. Find out more about other volunteering opportunities at the Zoo.

  • Baby elephant Elizabeth at Whipsnade Zoo
    15 June 2016

    Baby Asian elephant named after HM The Queen

    Baby elephant born on 10 June 2016 named after HM The Queen at UK’s biggest Zoo.

  • Orange butterfly perched at Whipsnade Zoo butterfly house
    Our butterfly oasis

    Butterfly House

    One of the largest butterfly biomes in the UK, we have over 30 different species from around the world and large aquarium with two crocodiles.

  • Goat at Hullabazoo farm Whipsnade Zoo
    Make new farmyard friends

    Hullabazoo Farm

    Our farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones are able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends, including miniature donkeys, pygmy goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • Scmitar-horned Oryx introductions in Chad
    Ground-breaking reintroduction

    Scmitar-horned Oryx introductions

    Restoring the scimitar-horned to its historical range in the 78,000km² Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim Game Reserve in central Chad.