Learning resources to help children aged 3-5 get enthused about wildlife.

At the Zoo: 

African Animals Explore the Africa section of the Zoo using numbers and rhymes. Worksheet
Fur, Feathers, Scales Explore different animal groups by finding animals around the zoo with fur, feathers and scales . Worksheet
Move like an animal Explore the different way that animals in the zoo move Worksheet
A butterfly on a leaf at Whipsnade Zoo
A cheetah walking in long grass at Whipsnade Zoo

At school:

Explore Native Wildlife Explore your native wildlife using pictures and rhymes. Worksheet
Butterfly Lifecycle Draw the different stages of a butterfly's lifecycle. Worksheet

Workshops for Early Years

Asian elephant Donna lifting her trunk at Whipsnade Zoo
Bringing learning to life

EYFS Education Workshops

Get your students closer to nature with our learning workshops for all ages and abilities. Our interactive sessions provide an opportunity to bring learning to life by meeting animals and Zookeepers.