18 September 2023

Things to do on a sunny day in Whipsnade

With incredible animal talks, the ultimate picnic spots, and plenty of open-air activities - make the most of the sun with a trip to the Zoo!

Have a Hullabazoo adventure

It's playtime! Swing like a monkey or climb like a chimp in our Hullabazoo Adventure Play area. Kids will love exploring our outdoor play area, complete with a mini safari jeep, swings, bridges, tunnels, climbing frames, and much more! Little ones can also let off steam in our soft play area - Hullabazoo Indoor Play - bookable online 24 hours in advance of your visit. Don't forget, that there's an exclusive Gold Member slot, every day at 10.30am.

A family enjoying Hullabazoo Adventure Play at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Spot the red pandas

Whipsnade Zoo is home to a family of four red pandas, Nilo, Ruby and their twin cubs born 25 June 2023.

As red pandas are crepuscular - meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk - you'll often stand the best chance of seeing Nilo, Ruby and the twins either in the morning when you first arrive at the Zoo, or just before you leave at the end of the day. 

Ruby the red panda with her tongue out at Whipsnade Zoo

Get a giraffe's eye view

Come face-to-face with the world's tallest mammals, our herd of giraffes can often be spotted frolicking in the sunshine! Our custom built enclosure offers a high level viewing platform, allowing you to get closer than ever to these amazing creatures.

Giraffe Heights at Whipsnade Zoo

Laze around with our big cats

There's nothing our big cats love more than a good snooze, especially when the sun in shining. Creep up to see our pride of African lions, Waka, Winta, and Malik enjoying the sunshine, cuddling up or playing together.

African lioness Waka at Whipsnade Zoo

Enjoy gorgeous views over the Downs 

On a beautiful sunny day, there’s nothing better than soaking up the blue sky and looking out across the Downs. Grab a snack or a cold drink from our Viewpoint Deli and sit back and take in the views - there’s 600 acres to explore at Whipsnade, so you’ll have earned a rest! Remember that Gold Members get a 10% discount in our catering outlets and Zoo shop. 

Views over the Downs from Viewpoint restaurant at Whipsnade Zoo


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