18 September 2023

Our top tips for the ultimate wild day out at Whipsnade Zoo

Pop on your boots, grab a map, and set off on your utterly wild adventure!

Hop about with wallabies and maras

Did you know our wallabies and mara roam freely? You might spot them among the daffodils - they love to rest there. Other top places to see them are near the penguins and running in the trees between our yaks and elephant enclosure. 

Wallabies at Whipsnade Zoo

Don’t miss daily talks and Birds of the World

Did you know that lemurs like to sunbathe? Or that hippos secrete their own sunscreen? Learn all about our amazing animals and their adaptations in our daily talks, and have the chance to ask an expert your burning questions. Plus, duck and dive in our daily Birds of the World event, as hawks, owls and macaws swoop above your head in this amazing free-flying bird demonstration.

Macaw at Birds of the World Whipsnade Zoo bird show

Pop by the European brown bears

Whipsnade Zoo is now home to four European brown bears. Cinderella was joined by Mana, Minion and Naya in April 2023. Come nose-to-nose with the bears from the safety of the brown bears hide, and watch them galloping around their wooded home before cooling off in their pond.

European brown bear Mana in the pool playing with an orange ball

Drive through Zoo

Not only does the Zoo make for a fab family road trip – but you can bring the car in when you get there. Journey through the fields with some of Asia's biggest mammals, including the extinct in the wild Père David's deer and only true wild horse, the Przewalski's horse. Or sit by the fence next to the Asian rhinos; the camels come right up to the fence and have a nose around.

Keeper George with the camels at Whipsnade Zoo

Swing by our Chimpnasium

At the Zoo, we have an adult family group of five chimps. Bonnie is the mother of two sons, Phil and Elvis, she is a devoted, protective mum. The group also includes male Grant and 'adopted aunt' Koko. Head over to our chimps in the afternoon where you may spot the male chimps at Whipsnade (sometimes joined by Bonnie) patrolling their moat or spot the family swinging to their heart's content.

Three chimps on their climbing frame at Whipsnade zoo

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