12 May 2023

The UK’s largest Zoo has welcomed a whole host of new babies this spring including Père David deer and Przewalski's foals.   

A baby boom at Whipsnade Zoo has keepers at the conservation zoo celebrating – as the births include several extinct in the wild and endangered species.  
Head of Zoological Operations Matt Webb explains the new births are incredibly important not just for the Zoo but globally.

“Zookeepers will be kept busy this spring with the birth of 13 extinct in the wild Père David's deer fawns as well as our two endangered Przewalski's foals which are also endangered in the wild.” 
“These births are important victories for the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP), as we work to ensure these animals, which face a myriad of threats in the wild, have a strong and genetically varied population at conservation zoos like Whipsnade.”  
Whipsnade Zoo is working hard to help recover the Père David's deer population, which is native to China, after being classified as Extinct in the Wild in 2008 on the IUCN Red list. The 13 bambi-esque fawns can be spotted grazing in their large sprawling home throughout the Passage through Asia
Visitors to Whipsnade Zoo will be able to see a growing herd of Przewalski's horses sharing a vast enclosure with the deer. The pointy eared, cream-coloured Przewalski's foal, which hasn’t yet been named, joins baby boy Luujin at Whipsnade Zoo. The female foal is the first shared offspring for Mum Shargahan and Dad Hulaugu.  

A Przewalski's horse foal running in the paddock with her parents at Whipsnade Zoo
A Père David's deer fawn lying down at Whipsnade Zoo

Visitors can catch a glimpse of the baby deer and new foals as well as the 10,000 other animals at Whipsnade Zoo this May - find out more about the conservation zoo’s vital work protecting species

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  • Przewalski's horse walking through field with woodland backfrop at Whipsnade Zoo
    Equus ferus

    Przewalski's horse

    The Przewalski's horse is the world's only truly wild horse. Once extinct in the wild, together with our partners we helped restore Przewalski’s horses back to the wild in Mongolia. 

  • Asian elephant herd in the wild
    Leading wildlife conservation


    When you have a big day out at Whipsnade Zoo, you’re helping animals around the world – in a big way!

  • Pere David’s deer adult and fawn at Whipsnade Zoo
    Elaphurus davidianus

    Père David's deer

    Extinct in the wild, our Père David deer are a part of breeding programme which is working towards restoring their wild population.

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    Top Trumps at Whipsnade Zoo

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