Things to do on a rainy day

Many of our animals love the water, but we understand that you might not! The British weather can be unpredictable, but don't let grey skies put you off visiting the Zoo.

There are plenty of indoor areas and sheltered spaces to enjoy, come rain or shine! Follow our top tips to get the most out of your day, even when the weather isn't on your side.

Step inside our Aquarium 

The fish may be wet but you don’t have to be! Delve deeper into the fascinating underwater worlds of freshwater fish in our Aquarium

Aquarium at Whipsnade Zoo

Warm up in the Butterfly House 

Our Butterfly House is one of the largest of any UK Zoo, and is the perfect place to warm up on a cold or rainy day. Surround yourself with more than 30 different species of colourful butterflies, and look out for our African dwarf crocodiles too! 

Butterfly at Whipsnade Zoo

Explore the our drive through safari 

Passage through Asia gives our animals lots of space to roam and grass to graze on, and look out for our Pere David's deer and axis deer wading into the large natural lake. Jump aboard the steam train* or visit in your car*. 

Deer park at Whipsnade Zoo passage through Asia

Hullabazoo Indoor Play

Little ones can crawl, climb, and swing through our Hullabazoo indoor play area, while you enjoy a rest with a selection of quality food and drinks available within the vicinity.

Children on a slide Hullabazoo children's indoor play area

Make use of our sheltered spaces 

Many of our outdoor exhibits also feature sheltered or indoor spaces where you can see our animals out of the rain. African wild dogs, giraffes, lions, hippos, zebras, elephants, Hullabazoo Farm, cheetahs, to name a few. 

Grab a bite to eat

Rest your legs and discover our delicious food and drink options in our Base Camp Restaurant, Viewpoint Kitchen and Deli or the Visitor Centre Café. 

A hippo in the pool on a rainy day

Embrace the rain! 

Some of our animals love the rain, especially our penguins! So p-p-pick up a poncho or an umbrella from our shop and get exploring! 


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Rainy Day Guarantee

A child wearing blue wellies jumping in a puddle
Rain, rain go away - come again another day!

Rainy Day Guarantee

If it rains for 90 minutes or more during your visit, you might be eligible for a free return visit. Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Spotted hillstream loach grazing on a rock
    Ten of the planet’s most extreme aquatic habitats


    Our Aquarium is a round-the-world journey through ten of the planet’s most extreme aquatic habitats, and a base for our leading conservation work protecting life everywhere.

  • Goat at Hullabazoo farm Whipsnade Zoo
    Make new farmyard friends

    Hullabazoo Farm

    Our farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones are able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends, including miniature donkeys, pygmy goats, pigs, sheep, and guinea pigs.

  • Orange butterfly perched at Whipsnade Zoo butterfly house
    Our butterfly oasis

    Butterfly House

    One of the largest butterfly biomes in the UK, we have over 30 different species from around the world and large aquarium with two crocodiles.

  • Deer park at Whipsnade Zoo passage through Asia
    Some of Asia's biggest mammals

    Passage through Asia

    Journey through the fields with some of Asia's biggest mammals, including the extinct in the wild Père David's deer and only true wild horse, the Przewalski's horse.

  • Ricky the rockhopper penguin at Whipsnade Zoo
    Eudyptes moseleyi

    Rockhopper penguin

    These small penguins pack in a big personality, and Ricky the rockhopper penguin is one of our most famous animals.

  • Przewalski's horse walking through field with woodland backfrop at Whipsnade Zoo
    Equus ferus

    Przewalski's horse

    The Przewalski's horse is the world's only truly wild horse. Once extinct in the wild, together with our partners we helped restore Przewalski’s horses back to the wild in Mongolia. 

Animals in the snow

Our conservation Zoo becomes a dazzling sight to behold in the winter months Check out some of our favourite pics of our animals enjoying fun in the snow!